Blue Park AWARD

 In 2023 The Coiba Submarine Mountain Range has been awarded the prestigious “Blue Park” award. This recognition highlights the importance of this marine ecosystem and its unique biodiversity.

Importance of the Coiba Submarine Mountain Range

Located in Panamanian waters, the Coiba Submarine Mountain Range is a haven for a diverse array of marine species. Its ecological value is immense, providing crucial habitats for marine life.

Blue Park Award

The “Blue Park” award is presented by the Marine Conservation Institute and recognizes outstanding marine protected areas. To win, areas must meet rigorous criteria for conservation and sustainable management.

Impact of the Award on Conservation Efforts

This award strengthens conservation efforts both locally and globally. It boosts projects and initiatives that protect and preserve the marine environment.

Local and Global Reactions

The local community and international organizations have celebrated this recognition. The Panamanian government has also shown its support for ongoing conservation initiatives.


The “Blue Park” award to the Coiba Submarine Mountain Range highlights its ecological importance and opens new opportunities for the conservation and protection of this valuable ecosystem.

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